Cross Fire Manso 02/2

Crossfire is a real sire and reminiscent of his Great Grand Sire Madison.

He is well balanced with plenty of skin.He has an excellant sheath with good angulation.

He can only be described as heavy boned and well muscled

This type of bull is hard to come by

Crossfire was bred by Victor P Gonzales of Mexico.

He was selected by Ken Stone as a weaner for K-C as a stud sire .


Selling Semen Shares
Price (A)$100.00
+ GST, + D.P.I. charges
Min 5 straws


Prodigy Son of Crossfire - - Spotfire Manso - Palm Creek

Crossfire calf at K-C ranch 2009

Crossfire calf 1st in class Houston 2009

Above and Below.
crossfire heifer at Houston 2009.

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Birth date: 11/01/2004
                                S:JDH Manso Grande 488
                    S: JDH Dakota Manso 599
                                  D: JDH Lady Shano Manso 570
              + JDH Karu Manso 800
                                  S: JJ Didor Crata 389
                    D: JDH LadyRem S Manso 707
                                  D: JDH Ms Rem Manso 607
                                 S: +JDH Madison De Manso 737/4
                    S: JDH Prescot Manso 82/6
                                 D: + JDH Lady Nel Manso 925/4
              DAM: JDH Ms Dacey Manso 352/6
                                 S: JDH Mr Elliott Manso 761/2
                    D: JDH Lady Deb Manso 519/5
                                 D: JDH ms Deborah Mans 939/3
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